Typical Appointment for BIT

A typical appointment with Amazing Brain, LLC for Brain Integration is very relaxed and personalized.

The initial appointment consists of a personalized assessment, using muscle testing, to gather benchmarks in specific brain areas. These benchmarks are used to determine which areas will need the most attention.

Everyone's life experience is different, so corrections are personalized. A basic brain integration correction takes approximately 12-18 hours, but keep in mind that that is an average.

Following the assessment, brain pathways are addressed to assure logic and gestalt processing are not confused, then corrections are made to the corpus collosum to assure both hemispheres can process simultaneously. Any environmental issues that may affect brain function are neutralized. As the emotional filter through which the brain processes all information, the limbic system is stabilized to create a firm foundation for function. Then the eye muscles are addressed, as eye movement activates memory, followed by auditory processing. Balance and the vestibular system are corrected, and finally, marching, while multi-tasking specific gestalt/logic functions to assure synchronized signals within the brain. If necessary, specific learning corrections are then applied to assist with deficits in reading comprehension, math, spelling or sequencing, for example.

Appointments are flexible, as far as time is concerned. If a client has a short attention span, or a disability, a one to one and a half hour appointment is recommended. Many people like 3 hour appointments, as the time generally passes by quickly. If you are from out-of-town, or would like your integration to be completed as quickly as possible, a full day session consists of 3 hours of correction, followed by a 2 hour break, continued with an additional 3 hours. You should allow for 2-3 days in a row to complete your integration.

Prior to your appointment, please download and fill out all three forms below. They are available in two formats for your convenience; Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. Thank you!

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