What is BIT?

Using scientific principles of acupressure, (needle-less acupuncture), and kinesiology (muscle testing), Brain Integration Technique (BIT), relieves learning stress by pinpointing the specific stress patterns in the brain causing learning difficulties, such as difficulty concentrating, difficulty reading and/or comprehension, test anxiety, reversal of letters or numbers, or wanting to give up when faced with frustrating activities. Possible learning difficulties can also show up as common everyday frustrations, such as, difficulty with directions, lack of self-confidence, mood swings, clumsiness, trouble remembering names, or disorganization, to name a few.

Muscle testing is a very effective biofeedback technique used to determine whether specific pathways in the brain are blocked or unblocked, allowing for direct analysis and correction, simply by seeing if a specific muscle resists downward pressure. Depending upon the results of your personal assessment, BIT uses up to an 80 point correction regimen to improve your learning ability, creativity and physical coordination.

Stress Alters Brain Function

MRI and SPECT (Single-photon emission computed tomography) scans have shown that people experiencing learning difficulties have decreased blood flow to the specific areas of the brain utilized for a particular activity, such as math. When stress is apparent, the brain goes into 'fight or flight' mode, redirecting blood flow to other parts of the body, causing the creative or logic centers of the brain to shut down, literally not allowing us to 'think clearly.' Acupressure to specific areas restores the blood flow to neural pathway blockages, correcting misrouting and improper timing; in essence, a resynchronization of brain function occurs, allowing for the relief of learning difficulties and associated behaviors.

All learning difficulties result from the degree of access to specific brain functions and how well they are integrated.

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