I started Brain Integration with Tammie in early 2007 after seeing excellent results with my daughter (age 16). My daughter was able to think more clearly and had greatly improved study habits after BIT. Being a Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years, I am the type that needs to understand all the technical details. I would ask my daughter what the sessions were like and she always answered that it was "hard to describe, but it worked". I went into it not knowing exactly what to expect, nor did I understand exactly what the technique would do. Tammie assured me she would assess any "corrections" I needed, (since there was no need to fix what wasn't broken), implement the corrections and re-assess after the correction to be sure the stress blockage was fully relieved. I don't know the technical terms for what she did, but I know the results are undeniable.

           I am much much better at handling stress and fear. Often my fears would push me into a depressed state that seemed impossible to overcome. I still have fears, but now I am able to recognize them as such, and manage the issue effectively. I had a session with Tammie a few days before a business trip to Florida. There was a fear of flying that I was "living with" that caused me a LOT of anxiety. I was unable to relax on the plane in flight and was unable to sleep while flying. Tammie did an assessment and correction - and the fear is gone, just gone. I have been on several business trips to California and it has not returned. I can easily sleep while flying and I have no fear during or leading up to a flight.

           I have become much more self-aware. I can see my own behaviors that I was not aware of. Now I do things (or start to do something) and I'm aware and can self-assess what I did (or was about to do), not acting impulsively.

           My inter-personal relationships and apprehension of social engagements have improved so dramatically that I feel, with improved communication and empathy, my wife and I are like newlyweds again. My teen-aged daughters now come to me and WANT to tell me about what is going on in their lives because I can simply relate to them better. Unheard of before BIT, I opened up to joining a men's group at church and I have taken the initiative to organize an office-wide social at our home!

           I have had difficulty reading for as long as I can remember. My eyes would get fatigued and sleepy after about 10 pages. I had never read an entire book for pleasure. Tammie worked on my eyes (a jerking eye tracking issue) for several sessions. Now my eyes track smoothly and I have read and enjoyed several books.

           I consider myself a high functioning adult without real learning difficulties, but have seen such great improvement in so many facets of my life, I would recommend this process to anyone.

Peyton, CO

           We (parents) can’t believe how much the Brain Integration Technique (BIT) helped my ADHD son…immediately! Carson was 4 years old when we went to the pediatrician for help with his behavior. We tried many things for ADHD but finally resorted to medication just before his 6th birthday during his second year of kindergarten. Carson was 9 ½ and in the 3rd grade when we found Tammie and we are ever so grateful for BIT.

           There were several areas Carson struggled where the ADHD medication did not help. Carson could not pass a timed math test because he had to count every problem on his fingers and could not complete enough problems. We worked with flash cards to help him improve. It would take 30 minutes to get through half of the 90 cards. He was given the same test three times a week for two weeks, but he continued to leave too many problems unanswered. In conversations, Carson would not be able to find the words to describe an event. He talks fast but the nouns became ‘something’, ‘this’ or ‘that’. We would have no idea what he was talking about. There were times when we would ask Carson to do something as routine as washing his hands before eating. He would respond with “What?” and when we’d ask what he thought we said, he would have the words exactly. Neat handwriting is low on our list of learning priorities but Carson’s handwriting was so poor that he couldn’t read what he wrote. He spent many nights at home redoing his homework so that it was readable.

           After BIT, we had Carson say out loud all 90 flashcards. Then we sat down and he only had to count on his hands for 5 problems. Furthermore, he completed all of them in about 15 minutes. Twice in the first two days after BIT was completed, we realized Carson was telling a story and was able to find in his brain all the words he needed. Now Carson rarely asks “What?” when we talk to him. Even the Director at the YMCA (after school care) commented 3 weeks after BIT was done, that Carson’s behavior has improved so much. He gets in line after being asked only once. He completes his homework after school at the Y and no longer has to rewrite it at home. Furthermore, his behavior at school has improved so much that we are running out of rewards.

           There was one Friday when he cleaned out his desk at school and came home with 3 incomplete papers and 7 papers that had not been started. We let him decide when he would complete his homework and his 7 papers, but it had to be done by dinner time on Saturday. Friday night he voluntarily came to us to describe a plan on mixing in the cursive writing practice with each paper. A plan! Carson had never planned his homework. This was new territory! But he really astounded us by sitting down Saturday morning for an hour and a half and completed every bit of his work. He wanted to be done with his work so that he could play for the rest of the weekend. Was this really our son?

           But the truly amazing part about completing the BIT work is that Carson can tell the difference. Completely out of the blue on a Saturday, Carson said, “Mom, I feel like a normal kid now.” And several hours later he offered, “I know how to listen now.” These are the results that every parent of an ADHD child hopes to hear. Knowing the integration can take up to a year for the brain to completely process the changes and for the child to let go of behaviors that have helped disguise the ADHD, we had no idea we would see such positive changes in so little time. We too feel like20we have a normal child now and it’s only been 5 weeks since Tammie completed Carson’s BIT work! Our family will always be grateful for Tammie and those before her who discovered the technique and made the effort to spread the news!


           I was at a crossroads; I was lost, overwhelmed by helplessness, fear, guilt, pain and disgust and going through major life altering changes. Nothing, to include counseling, a psychiatrist and medications helped me maneuver through the fallout of my life. I cried non-stop daily, I couldn't sleep and I couldn't manage my stress. Hopelessness engulfed me, until under Tammie's competent and sensitive kinesiology skills, being able to find answers where even the doctor's couldn't, my tunnel vision opened, my indecisiveness started clearing to moments of clarity, and I noticed alterations in my attitude, my thought process and my reactions to daily stress.

           At first it was small things, then more obvious blatant differences, with time. Do I have all of the answers on how to rebuild my life?....no, but now I'm off all of the medications, I can manage my emotions, and I can start to see options, solutions to the challenges I face. You can get past tragedies that damage your self-perception, hurts can be healed, pathways can be cleared, and habits can be changed as you regain full use of your brain's functions. I have never regretted working with Tammie to 'retune' my mind and body and now I feel as if I've started to regain my sense of self, and my sense of direction. This is truly amazing!!! Give it a try!!

Denver, CO

           Before my brain integration, putting together letters or even trying to put together sentences was almost impossible. Numbers weren't a strong point either. Now, words flow together, I can remember what I'm trying to say, and math has a whole new meaning for me. This was, by all means, not something that happened overnight, but within a six-month period, I feel like a new person. The more I use the sections of the brain that were blocked, the easier things are becoming. I highly recommend it to anyone! Tammie has a gentle way about her that will make anyone feel comfortable during the process.

C. Brown
Monument, CO

           Brain Integration Technique has helped my teenager "reconnect" with her world. Since she was a brilliant student, her problems with motor skills and eye movement were not easily recognized or taken seriously. Tammie Bartlett not only recognized the areas of the brain that were not connecting, she gave my daughter hope that these issues could in fact, be resolved. After treatment, my daughter's handwriting skills and eyesight movement improved exponentially. My daughter is a different person, exuding confidence in her work and incredible self esteem due to the reconnection and integration of her brain functions. "Thank you" is so inadequate when these positive changes have affected my teenager and given her educational freedom.

D. Wright
Falcon, CO

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